Bohemian Patchwork Beach Wedding Dress Set ~ Custom Made

Enchanted Patchwork Skirt and Jacket
Custom Made Boho Beach Wedding Dress Set – Custom Made in Australia Posting Worldwide

These works of art are absolutely amazing and such fun to make ~ I made a Blue & White set for a lady and she was so impressed and loved it so much she ordered a pink set as well – just perfect for dressing up or maybe a beach wedding.

I can do this style idea in lots of colour combinations so if you have an idea just message Lynn and I would be happy to work with you to achieve the perfect experience .

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Custom Made Bohemian Wedding

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Bohemian Wedding Dress
Stunning Ivory & Peach Pink Boho Wedding – Custom Made – Lots of Colours Available
I can make your day special and it won’t cost you the earth to look gorgeous and have a garment you can wear long after your big day.  I work with you to create the perfect dress or skirt and top. I love the idea of skirts and tops as you can wear them with other garments after your big day and that’s always a bonus.   Browse my blog or my customer wedding photo gallery and if you see something you like ~ right click and save the photo and email me to see what I can do for you ~ I work with you through every step and I do have a magical track record over all these years ~ it must be Angels helping as it’s always just perfect and I feel Blessed for that creative gift Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas Thanks for Visiting Love & Light Lynn